Bauhaus - san francisco ca 10.26.05

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Bolerium Books . Established in 1981 in San Francisco , we specialize in books and ephemeral materials related to the history of Labor and other social movements ...

The release of the almanac was delayed for the benefit of an exhibition. The first Blaue Reiter exhibition took place from 18 December 1911 to 1 January 1912 in the Moderne Galerie Heinrich Thannhauser in Munich. Klee did not attend it, but in the second exhibition, which occurred from 12 February to 18 March 1912 in the Galerie Goltz , 17 of his graphic works were shown. The name of this art exhibition was Schwarz-Weiß , as it only regarded graphic painting. [25] Initially planned to be released in 1911, the release date of the Der Blau Reiter almanac by Kandinsky and Marc was delayed in May 1912, including the reproduced ink drawing Steinhauer by Klee. At the same time, Kandinsky published his art history writing Über das Geistige in der Kunst . [26]

A group show featuring the artwork of Charlie Callahan, Jeff Canham, David Muller, Jeff Manson, and Serena Mitnik-Miller.

Great news. Yes, I believe that the main feud was between Peter and Daniel. I am not sure if they would work together again, but given the strength of the Poptone shows and David J’s performances as well, here is to hoping for an overdue burying of the hatchet.

Bauhaus - San Francisco CA 10.26.05Bauhaus - San Francisco CA 10.26.05Bauhaus - San Francisco CA 10.26.05Bauhaus - San Francisco CA 10.26.05