Carpe diem - alea iacta est

This phrase has been repeated over and over since ancient times, since failure is a constant feature throughout history. The author credited with this famous statement is Cicero, who was a Roman politician and lawyer. The full sentence, "errare humanum est, sed perseverare autem diabolicum" (anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault) is basically the FAIL or EPIC FAIL of Roman times.

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”One of the most powerful sorcerers that ever lived in the known universe, Mordekai served Mental for over 3000 years. He served him so well indeed, that Mental missed him very much and resurrected him after he died in a bizarre accident involving the Necronomicon, 20,000 pounds of ectoplasm and a mispronounced Latin proverb. He was automatically assigned to train Mental's creatures in the art of spell-casting and employing magic for truly 'evilish' purposes. Mental was a little late with the process of resurrection, so Mordekai's brain is slightly damaged; he is often heard to speak complete nonsense, or as one would say, utter crap. In Latin.”

Carpe Diem - Alea Iacta EstCarpe Diem - Alea Iacta EstCarpe Diem - Alea Iacta EstCarpe Diem - Alea Iacta Est